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  • 'Engaging, inspiring and genuinely makes a difference
    to those who attend.'
    Noel Whittaker, Director, Whittaker Macnaught

    Brent Sanders Consulting helps businesses and organisations identify, prevent and eliminate all forms of harassment, bullying and discrimination.

    Workplace harassment is a compliance-based area of training for all companies in Australia. That's why it's important for your organisation to receive ongoing training and analysis to ensure that they are fully compliant at a staff, management and institutional level.

    As well as helping you to provide harassment-free work environments for your staff, this training empowers employees. They can identify, prevent and eliminate inappropriate workplace conduct in its early stages, before the consequences are potentially damaging.

    These programs can be delivered to your staff through customised, face-to-face, workplace training seminars or you can use a series of specialised training modules that can be streamed online. Both can be tailored at different levels - from induction and new employees through to the boardroom.

    Services include:

    Implementing effective workplace
    harassment policies and procedures
    Presenting seminars and training staff across the entire organisation
    Personalising seminars for individual corporations
    Preparing inspirational and engaging keynote addresses
    Mentoring to resolve workplace harassment investigations
    Staff counselling
    Complaint investigation assistance
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  • 'Frank, direct, confronting, motivating and engaging.'
    Pat Langtry, Head Coach, Australian Schools Rugby Union

    Brent Sanders is one of Australia's most respected communicators in the field of workplace harassment, bullying and discrimination.

    Following a distinguished career in the Police Force, he started his own business presenting seminars and lectures on workplace harassment, conflict resolution and offender psychology.

    As well as servicing of corporate clients, Brent travels throughout Australia, lecturing on harassment and discrimination to over 15 universities every year. He's also a regular keynote speaker at national and international university conferences.

    Over two decades, Brent has provided more than 350,000 people with the tools and mindset to create a harassment-free work environment. Whether he's training or lecturing, Brent is renowned for his ability to communicate delicate, sensitive subject matter in a unique, empowering and inspiration way.

    Brent is also the author of the bestselling book on conflict psychology, 'How Dangerous Men Think' which has been published worldwide.

  • 'Enlightening and engaging speaker who is truly knowledgeable.'
    Gregory C Eddy, Master and Chief Executive, King's College, University of Queensland









    Creating a positive work environment and culture

    For training to be effective, it must be presented in an inspiring, empowering manner, regardless of the subject matter being addressed.

    Firstly, those attending must enjoy the seminar. The information must be presented in an engaging, stimulating and group-specific way, maximising the impact and benefit to those attending.

    Once this goal has been achieved, employees must leave the presentation with a greater knowledge and clearer understanding of the subject matter than when they came in.

    Employees are encouraged to think about what they can do to contribute to a positive work environment and culture. As a result, the greatest benefit of this type of presentation is not what occurs in the training room, but in the mindset change afterwards.

    Online Seminars

    In an ideal world, all employees would receive face to face training on workplace harassment and discrimination, but this is not always possible. Small to medium sized enterprises may find these presentations difficult to schedule or cost prohibitive. For larger corporations employing thousands of people or with staff in rural communities or offices, face to face seminars may cause a logistical problem.

    The solution to this issue is to consider an Online Seminar that can be streamed via the internet directly to your staff.

    Seminars align with live presentations and include a series of 'Question and Answer' segments to ensure participants reach the level of knowledge for each subject covered. You can even set your own desired 'Pass Rate' to ensure compliance with company policy.

    For a sample of our online seminars please click on the one that interests you below.

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    University seminars on harassment, discrimination and sexual crime

    Brent Sanders Consulting provides a range of university based, gender specific seminars, created especially for first year and residential college students, on the topic of sexual harassment and date rape awareness.

    The seminars are conducted separately for male and female students and therefore provide a unique forum for open discussion and questions that would otherwise be restricted in a presentation. Each seminar has been specifically designed to deal effectively with all aspects of sexual harassment and date rape from the perspective of the group it is being presented to.

    Brent has been lecturing on harassment, discrimination and sexual crime in universities throughout Australia since 1991. These presentations are available as a live seminar or they can be streamed online.

    Topics covered include:

    What is sexual harassment? An in-depth look at what constitutes sexual harassment together with an overview of university sexual harassment policy.
    Specific examples of typical cases of sexual harassment within the university community and how these situations can be avoided.
    A discussion of the likely consequences following a formal complaint of sexual harassment outlining how a substantiated complaint can lead to severe ramifications.
    When does sexual harassment become a criminal offence? Defining when unwanted sexual contact becomes a sexual offence such as indecent assault and/or sexual assault.
    A full explanation of relevant legal terms relating to sexual crime together with an outline of the complaint process.
    Real-life examples of indecent and sexual assault.
    Understanding the offender's 'mindset of justification' present in most date rape situations and how to exploit this mindset (women only).
    Learning the most effective strategy to adopt in a date rape confrontation (women only).
    Both male and female seminars allow sufficient time for open discussion and questions and answers.

    Gender Specific Seminars

      Click here to view an online Men's seminar
      Click here to view an online Women's seminar
  • 'In all my years in Human Resources, Brent was by far the most effective trainer I employed to educate employees about harassment, bullying and other unlawful behaviour.'
    Rilla Moore, Director, Rilla Moore Consulting

    For the past ten years, the Commonwealth Bank has contracted Brent Sanders Consulting to conduct workplace harassment training on a national basis. These workshops will now be presented to staff working overseas.

    Corporate banking and support staff from Citigroup receive the workplace harassment seminars on a regular basis and so do the NAB Capital staff based in Melbourne and Sydney.

    Ongoing training and regular updates are important as legislation affecting your obligations as an employer change frequently, and everyone within the organisation needs to be aware of this constantly evolving subject.

    Whether you are a small to medium size enterprise or a large multinational company, you can expect an outcome of improved conduct in the workplace.

    What our clients say

    Noel Whittaker, Director
    Whittaker Macnaught, Brisbane
    Rilla Moore, Director
    Rilla Moore Consulting
    Gregory C Eddy
    Master and Chief Executive, King's College, University of Queensland
    Pat Langtry
    Head Coach, Australian Schools Rugby Union


    ABN AMRO (now Bank of Scotland)
    Australian Energy Marketing Commission
    Australian Tax Office
    Australian Rugby Union
    ANZ Banking Group
    Commonwealth Bank
    Goldman Sachs
    ING (One Path)
    Morgan Stanley
    Stockland Group
    Transport Construction Authority
    (NSW State Government)

    Brent also regularly appears as an expert in conflict resolution on Channel 7's Sunrise show, which is Australia's most watched breakfast television program.

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